Nlaw expands its services to the USA.

Nlaw is excited to announce its expansion to the USA. Nlaw focuses on serving founders, startups, companies and investors from Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

Nlaw expands its services to the USA.
Photo by Nik Shuliahin 💛💙 / Unsplash

Nlaw USA will focus on serving clients rooted in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). We will be providing various corporate and commercial legal services. We expect to focus on assisting with relocating HQs to the USA, raising funds from USA-based VC investors, investing in US entities, and providing all the legal support required for companies to offer their services and products to customers in the USA.

We are also delighted to have Katya Mezek on board as an Of Counsel. Nlaw is committed to providing quality legal services to clients, and adding Katya to its team will help further this goal. Katya brings a wealth of experience and qualifications to Nlaw. She has a Juris Doctor degree from the UCLA School of Law. Katya has worked with companies ranging from startups to multi-million dollar revenue companies in various industries and is licensed to practice law in California. Her references include work for industrial product manufacturers, software companies, consumer goods manufacturers, and service industry companies.

In conclusion, Nlaw is excited about the solutions and opportunities this brings to its clients from CEE. If you seek legal assistance in the USA, please do not hesitate to contact us.