A new beginning

A new beginning
Photo by Maxime Horlaville / Unsplash

Small markets, such as Slovenia, and bigger European markets as have also changed significantly in the last years, mostly due to the banking and financial crisis. Clients became more cost-conscious and also more savvy to their position of strength and started to seek legal service, which offers the best value for money.

Things have changed on the side of the law firms also. Technological advances meant that physically being in the same location as your client is less important, and the required number of administration staff has reduced.

The world has changed as well. Truly global firms need full service offerings in all regions. Some of the biggest law firms are consequently focusing on development of their global services and it seems that a handful of them will dominate much of the global legal market. It is yet to be seen if such strategy will pay off, but the western markets have in the last 10 years also seen a number of boutique firms grow rapidly as they were more flexible and better equipped to cope with the changes in the markets than their bigger and at the same time more cumbersome rivals.

Slovenia has not been immune to changes in the legal market. As an answer to those changes, we have decided to launch a new law firm. Novak Rutar is based on young but experienced individuals with a goal to deliver the best money for value services as a boutique law firm. Our international background brings a different mindset to providing legal services in Slovenia and abroad with our trusted partners.

We are starting here and now and we believe that you will join us on our path.